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Charging station


- OEM with customized logo available
- Built-In card holder slot for user deposit
- Magnetic connectors for perfect alignment and connection
- 4 stages LED charge indicator
- Micro-USB cable and Lightning cable for Apple devices
Input (Adaptor): DC 12V 3.5A
Output (Adaptor): DC 5V 1A
Input (Powerbank): DC 5V Max. 1A
Output (Powerbank): DC 5V Max. 1A
Capacity: 2600/4400 mAh available
Dimensions: 100mm X 70mm X 22mm
Station Dimension: 310mm x 150 x 105cm
Unit Weight: 108g
Packaging Includes:
- 1 unit x Charging Station
- 6 units x (2600mAh/4400mAh) Powerbanks
- 1 unit x Power Adaptor 

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